Pinehurst Mortgage Earns Designation from North Carolina Association of Mortgage Professionals

Pinehurst Mortgage has become one of the first North Carolina mortgage brokers to receive the Accredited Broker designation from the N.C. Association of Mortgage Professionals (NCAMP).

"I wish to extend my congratulations to the first class of mortgage brokers and lenders accredited by the NCAMP's program," said Joseph A. Smith Jr., the North Carolina commissioner of banks, in a press release issued by NCAMP. "I applaud NCAMP's effort to raise the standards for ethical and competent mortgage origination, and encourage other companies to follow suit."

First announced in 2006, the new NCAMP North Carolina Accredited Broker program requires applicant firms to stringently document internal programs and best practices, which are reviewed and approved by a peer committee.

Pinehurst Mortgage, a locally owned and operated company, dedicated many hours and much effort to formally document meeting these requirements to become one of the first mortgage brokers in the state to be recognized in this pivotal program.

Currently, there are only three other mortgage brokers in the state that have been accredited.

"Since opening our business nearly five years ago, we have always simply adhered to fair and honest business practices and offered excellent customer service," said Jerry Surface, owner of Pinehurst Mortgage. "It is no accident that we do not have clients in mortgage products that started with low payments only now to be straddled with ever-increasing monthly payments.

"Pinehurst Mortgage is very pleased and honored to be recognized by our peers and by the N.C. Commissioner of Banks for our standard of ethics and business practices."

The application and qualification for accreditation requires brokers and lenders to implement best-business practices, an ethics program, fair lending policy, privacy and security policies, as well as quality control and dispute resolution programs. In addition, each lending officer within the accredited organization annually must complete 12 hours of continuing education.

"It was a very rigorous and time consuming process, but was well worth the effort," Surface said. "As a practical matter, Pinehurst Mortgage has always followed the business practices required for this program but it is nice to be formally recognized for that fact. At a time of such turmoil in the mortgage industry, this accreditation is a reliable way for prospective home buyers and real estate agents to identify a mortgage broker that will serve them well."

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Pinehurst Mortgage is located in the village of Pinehurst

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